Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is generally intended for the clients of Booking Assignment Help which is for the service that is provided to them by us. As we know this is for the security of our clients so we have tried to keep it clear. Even if there seems any problem you can contact us in the live chat or via email.

Information that we use

  • To modify our site we use your information to improve our site on the basis of your knowledge.
  • To make our services more better such as the customer support service.
  • Your information is also used in the transaction process.
  • Your information is used to send you future offers in your email in future.

Browsing information is used such as the IP address such information is used to enhance usefulness of the site and maintain security protocols.

In the process of filling the form where the clients submit its information intentionally and is completely kept confidential and is used to contact client during the order process. The information that the client provides while paying is only shared with the financial organization